1. Content and Use of the Part-Book-Viewer

Most of the polyphonic vocal and instrumental music prints from the 16th and 17th centuries have been published in the manifestation form of part books. The part-book-viewer of the BSB has been developed as an adequate online presentation tool for ca. 1,285 musical part book prints from the BSB, which have been catalogued and digitized in the DFG-project Printed sources of polyphonic music (1501-1700) from the Bavarian State Library between 2012 and 2016. All part books of one music publication (one bibliographical entity) will be shown simultaneously on one screen.

The remaining more than 1000 printed music sources from the same project represent all forms of manifestation in their centuries: Lute and organ tablatures, printed choir books, musical broadsides, polyphonic hymn books, music theory containing complete polyphonic works, occasional settings inserted in funeral or wedding sermons or poetry editions, and full scores.

The default presentation tool for all 2,356 music prints of the project is the part-book-viewer. The part-book-viewer offers access to the standard viewer of the Bavarian State Library as well, which should be preferred for sources published in the form of single books (e.g. scores, hymn books, tablatures).

The OPACplus of the Bavarian State Library ( is the main research tool for the catalogue entries of printed music including access to the digitized form of the musical sources. The search interface of the part-book-viewer uses a shortened catalogue entry of all music prints of our project.

The default presentation tool for music prints in the form of part books is the part-book-viewer. The part-book-viewer offers an access to the standard viewer of the Bavarian State Library as well.

Tested with Standard Browsers

  • Chrome: 34.0
  • Firefox: 30.0
  • Internet Explorer: 10.0

2. Searching

2.1 Basic Search

Search in the fields title, composer, shelfmark and year.

2.2 Search interface

Four search fields are available which are automatically joined by the operator „and“.


Unfocused search, automatic truncation to the right. Possible search with key words and strings without wildcards. Refined search possible by enclosing the search term with double quotes (").


Name of the composer or editor of a work. Automatic truncation to the right. May be refined by using a comma (e.g.: Marenzio, )


Fill in the shelf mark of the copy in the Bavarian State Library. Automatic truncation to the right. (e.g.: 4 48). May be refined by using precise shelfmarks (e.g.: 4 131#Beibd.1). Please note that most signature groups (,, Liturg., etc.) need a compulsory format information for folio and quarto formats whereas the leading digit can be missing in the octavo format (2 / 4 /

Year of publication

Year dates with four characters. Automatic truncation to the right with two or three characters and '*'.
Search strategies:

  • 1523
  • 152*
  • 15*
  • 1510-1578
  • -1670
  • 1630-

2.3 New search

Reset all fields in the search interface.

3. List of Results and Browsing Functionality

The list of search results will be created automatically. Each result record is supplemented by a thumbnail image of the cover or the first page of the source.

The hyperlinked fields composer, shelfmark and year may be used for browsing.

The button Bild Digitalisat anzeigen activates the presentation of the digitized source using the part-book-viewer.

4. Functionality of the Part-Book-Viewer

All part books of one music publication (one bibliographical entity) are shown simultaneously on one screen.

Primary Navigation Bar

The primary navigation bar (on top of the screen) gives information on the shelfmark, composer, title, persistent URN and the number of images of the complete digitized source.
Bild Navigation Coordinated page turns for one or five pages (forward or back) or jumping to the first or last image of every part book on the screen.

The symbol Bild Listendarstellung creates a list of the part books contained in the digitized source, which can be switched on or off using the buttons Bild Anzeige/Ausblenden.

Bild Link zum Original Switch to the standard viewer of the Bavarian State Library. From there, it is possible to switch to the DFG-viewer, a surface equipped with several functions like the presentation of two face-in-face pages on one screen.

The symbol Bild Link zur Suchmaske leads back from the viewer surface to the start page of the part-book search interface.

The symbol Bild ToC will be generated when at least one part book contains an original index page. A click on the symbol shows all original index pages of the source.

Individual navigation tool

Each single part book section on the screen has an own, individual navigation tool.

  • Bild Navigation Individual turn page for one or five pages (forward or back) or jumping to the first or last image of the part book.
  • Bild Seitendarstellung Zooming function for single pages (screen size).
  • Bild Zoom The symbol with the magnifying glass enables a stageless zooming. After clicking on this symbol with the left mouse button you can use the scroll wheel for minimizing and maximizing the image and the mouse button for moving the image. Clicking on the magnifying glass again will restore the original image size.
  • Bild Verschiebewerkzeug Changes the position of the part books on the screen. Click with the mouse on the symbol and move the image to a different section of the screen. The arrangement of the remaining parts on the screen will be changed as well.
  • Bild ToC A click on this symbol shows the index page of the source.

5. Contact

Bavarian State Library

Digital Library/Munich DigitiZation Center/Digital Preservation
Head: Dr. Markus Brantl
Ludwigstraße 16
80539 Munich
E-Mail: mdz[at]

Music Department
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